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Silver Witch
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26th-Oct-2012 11:09 pm - Friends-only from today on.
From today on this journal is friends-only.
Comment to be added.

If you can see entries that has a locker image next to the subject - that means you are on my friend list - comments are unnecessary.

I was driven to make the journal friends-only by people I never expected to be such narrow-minded and vindicative and non-understanding. Never before had I intended to filter the entries. And maybe one day I will lift the friends-only ban. For now, please, bear with me.
24th-Jul-2011 01:03 am - uniwersytet #3
praise me
So! People!
I got accepted and now am a PhD student! XD
From November on I will start my studies on Philology Faculty of Gdańsk University.

Oh, Goddess ;P


PS. The icon says it all.
28th-May-2011 11:44 pm - random #92
kanon shining
Irony runs my life recently.
Though, the funniest example would be writing about dreams and dreaming (chapter 2 of my thesis), while the only thing I really wanted to do was to crawl into bed and SLEEP.

Today, during Japanese class we were talking about something unrelated to the subject, I think I was telling D. that I didn't show up yesterday 'cause I fell asleep while reading a book, then T. just looked at me and told flat out that I really should grab some sleep.

Yep, I'm turning green-graish those days!
Hell yeah!
What can you expect while reagulary sleeping for 3 to 4 hours during the week, resting only on Wednesdays and sometimes Sundays XD I really love to write when it's dark and everything is so quiet that I can only hear myself wandering the corridors, the sound of typing echoing with some silly TV show that keeps me a non-demanding company.

Back to work!

21st-Feb-2011 09:40 pm - wieści świata mediów #1
naughty kanon
Mili Państwa, pewnie niewiele was to obchodzi, ale mnie nawet bardzo, więc się informacją podzielę.

Wyszperałam informację, która napełniła mnie niewysłowioną fanowską radością. Otóż znany większości z nas serial anime "TYGRYSIA MASKA" ma stać się filmem! I zrobią go Japończycy, nie Amerykanie ♥

13th-Feb-2011 08:42 pm - because it suxx
red rose
Bardzo długo chciałam pewnych rzeczy nie zauważyć.
Nie zwrócić uwagi na pewne oczywiste sprawy, na aluzje, które aluzjami do końca nie były. Chciałam być ślepa.

Dzisiaj z własnej woli weszłam na bloga koleżanki ze studiów, podświadomie wiedząc, że stracę te ochronne zaślepki. Kolejna koleżanka z SM. Jak się siedzi nad książkami i czyta o tych chorobach układu nerwowego - one wówczas są, no tak, istnieją, ale gdzieś daleko, gdzieś poza kręgami najbliższych znajomych, czy choćby rodziny.

Pierwszy szok miałam już za sobą, kiedy się okazało, że jedna z najsłodszych i najbardziej uroczych dziewczyn na filologii ma podejrzenie SM. Podejrzenie, bo lekarze nadal nie są pewni, czy to na pewno jest SM - nic innego nie pasuje do objawów.

A teraz jeszcze Agatka.

Aktywna, urocza, ciężko pracująca, z pasją. Taka ciepła, spokojna, pilna.

Life sux.

4th-Jan-2011 12:31 am - fanfiction issues
kanon direction
kyotaku had found and posted a journal entry from a writer Robin Hobb about a fanfiction, stating that she agrees with her. I don't. And so I wanted to comment on her note and state my own opinion, but it turned out to be too long for a comment, so instead I'm doing a response post.

it's going to be looong XD

discussion follows hereCollapse )

For those who read - my sincere gratulations ;)
Sorry for the mistakes I could made. I'm not really in the perfect condition.

Please mind it's just my own opinion on the matter, it wasn't my inention to sound or seem that only my opinion is the only one correct. I'm far from that. I just think there's more to the matter than the writer I'm quotating saw.

Jya, A.
18th-Nov-2010 08:12 pm - meme #2
praise me
Stolen from facebook.

book memeCollapse )
7th-Oct-2010 07:38 pm - random #61 Spirit Day
kanon direction

It’s been decided. On October 20th, 2010, we will wear purple in honor of the 6 gay boys who committed suicide in recent weeks/months due to homophobic abuse in their homes and at their schools. Purple represents Spirit on the LGBTQ flag and that’s exactly what we’d like all of you to have with you: spirit. Please know that times will get better and that you will meet people who will love you and respect you for who you are, no matter your sexuality. Please wear purple on October 20th. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, neighbours and schools.

RIP Tyler Clementi, Seth Walsh (top)
RIP Justin Aaberg, Raymond Chase (middle)
RIP Asher Brown and Billy Lucas. (bottom)

REBLOG to spread a message of love, unity and peace.
Taken from Crimson's (yet another) blog

Wear purple.
24th-Jul-2009 02:43 pm - D'espairsRay @ Ucho, Gdynia 22/7/2009
It was a damn long time since I had decided to write a report from anything. Well, let it be ;P

here you have the short version written just after the gig

and now I shall try and write a story about the gig itself ^^
follow the cutCollapse )
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